Specialization in the production of plastic automotive component assemblies


A division of CBC Group, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan

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Globally developing manufacturing bases with the latest facilities and technological capabilities. The CBC INGS AMERICA LLC. operates manufacturing plants in Japan, China, Thailand and the United States. The most recent plant built in 2014 is located in Muscle Shoals, Alabama; serving the automotive industry by providing automotive interior and exterior injection molded plastic components with secondary highly specialized metal deposition and optical deposition finishing. CBC INGS AMERICA LLC. will continue to tailor its products and services to meet the demands in these growing markets.

Company News

CBC INGS AMERICA LLC. recently participated in the Southern Automotive Conference held in Birmingham, Alabama, as an exhibitor as part of JETRO “Japanese Economic Trade Association”.


Injection Molding

Supporting the development of new products and processes.

The plastic injection molding process produces large numbers of parts of high quality with great dimensional accuracy, very quickly. Diverse product component characteristics can be achieved through resin formulation and changing processing parameters to achieve desired performance attributes. The principle advantage of injection molding is the ability to scale production en masse, with low scrap rates. CBC INGS AMERICA LLC. has unparalleled experience in providing large volume components to the markets we serve.

Secondary Finishing · Component Evolution

CBC INGS AMERICA LLC. provides aluminum and other metal optical deposition in vacuum processes for automotive lighting and braking light assemblies. The Muscle Shoals plant operates 5 metal deposition lines in both evaporative and sputtering processes. The company also has in-house expertise in the application of optical tin coatings, thin film coatings, dichroic coatings, UV coatings, Al, Mg alloy heat coatings, and EMI and RFI shielding for use in electronic components for preventing electro-magnetic interference noise.

Thin film aluminum deposition applied to reflector housing lens.


Value - Added Expertise

Manufacturing and assembly capabilities with the latest in high technology capacity and expertise. CBC INGS Group, with its diverse range of products, services, and global resources, is capable of providing unparalleled solutions to our customers. CBC INGS Group, with its global foot-print provides prototype molds and parts to major OEM companies using world-class equipment and leading edge technologies through stereolithography, selective laser sintering, vacuum casting, and other specialized processes in meeting our customers needs.

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