Bringing new value to every corner of the world - CBC, the "creative trading company."

In 1925, CBC was founded in Japan as a trading company focused primarily on chemicals. Throughout more than 80 years of growth, we have followed a path of creativity and challenge. We believe it's important to continue advancing and incorporating our expertise to solve our customers challenges. Through our growth, we have taken a course of development in search of new possibilities that will meet these problems. This determination has transformed us from a general trading company to a manufacturer, and facilitated the expansion of our business from chemicals to pharmaceutical, electronics and automotive products.

Our passion drives us to pursue even extreme challenges. Since the very beginning, it's the creative passion-in our DNA-that has energized the development of CBC as a company that creates new value. We intend to maintain our reputation as a company that never refuses a challenge.

CBC Group Management Policy


Creating new value Drawing on the global network and the expertise we have developed for more than eight decades in business, we are creating new value today by not only providing materials, but by adding manufacturing to our list of capabilities.
Contributing to customers and communities We help customers grow their business by providing a wide range of superior products and services that offer convenience, health and safety. Encompassing everything from chemicals, resins and medical products, to IT and electronics, mobile devices, security equipment and more.
In-tune with local communities Sharing our corporate identity, illustrated by the CBC Group slogan, Dream Together, with all our employees around the world, helps us work together to pursue economic, social and environmental prosperity, both for CBC and the communities we serve.
Original manufacturing CBC's original technology has been applied to the manufacture of optical information equipment (such as surveillance cameras), case molding and cosmetic vacuum deposition for electronic information processing equipment and automotive parts, as well as the high-growth fields of active pharmaceutical ingredients, pharmaceutical intermediates and more.
A corporate culture that helps dreams come true At CBC, we are dedicated to helping our global customers achieve their corporate ambitions and we know how important it is for our employees to feel that their work is rewarding and satisfying. Stimulating their creativity through corporate encouragement, we will give them the confidence to achieve their dreams.
On-going solid leadership We believe the way to earn trust and respect is by living up to our social responsibilities and conducting our business fairly. Thus, we maintain a sound financial structure and stable management that allows us to serve our customers and society in the future.
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