Commitment to the Community

CBC INGS AMERICA LLC. operates at the highest level of professionalism and integrity. Helping our team members develop the skills needed to succeed in an ever-changing environment, supporting and encouraging our employees to better themselves and their communities.


Commitment to the Environment

In recognition of the fact that conserving the global environment is one of the most important tasks for people everywhere, CBC INGS AMERICA LLC. has determined that it will give full consideration to environmental conservation in all aspects of its business activities, and consequently, the company has decided on and is implementing the following environmental policies:

1. Compliance with Environmental Laws and Regulations
In the course of furthering our business activities, we will comply with all laws, regulations, and agreements related to the environment, and to make every effort to conserve the environment and prevent pollution.

2. Environmentally-friendly Business Development
Recognizing the limited nature of natural resources, we will strive for effective use of resources based on the principle of prioritizing the conservation of natural ecosystems and the global environment.

3. Formulation of an Environment Management System and its Continuous Improvement
We will set out environmental objectives and targets, formulate an environment management system, and implement its provisions, while also making efforts towards the continuous improvement of the system.

4. Familiarization of Staff with the Environmental Policy
We will familiarize all employees with the provisions of the environmental policy.


Commitment to People

Our diverse work force enables us to meet challenges quickly and efficiently. This is a pre-requisite to success at CBC INGS AMERICA LLC. We are committed to providing a fulfilling work place for our employees, creating an environment and culture of openness, innovation, and continuous learning; while fostering and embracing the ideas, beliefs and diversity to others. CBC is committed to being an employer of choice by creating and fostering an interactive work environment with careful attention to gender, diversity and the retention of its employees.

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